[Guarder] Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring [For Marui P226 GBB[150]

[Guarder] Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring [For Marui P226 GBB[150]

SKU: AA#09874

Factory Code: G-P226-02

Brand: Guarder

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[Guarder] Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring [For Marui P226 GBB[150%]

  • Replace Standard Recoil & Hammer Spring
  • 150% Stronger than the original springs
  • Recoil Spring produces stronger & faster blowback feel
  • Hammer Spring increase the hammer tension resulting higher gas output, i.e. more power fps
  • Springs are constructed of S303 Stainless Metal
  • Sear Pin is constructed of Thermal Treated Steel
  • Best use in Conjunction with Metal Slide/Outer Barrel + High Flow Blowoff Valve


  • Part No.: G-P226-02
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 10
  • Compatibility: Tokyo Marui P226 Gas Blowback Series

Package Contents:

  1. Recoil Spring x 1pc
  2. Hammer Spring x 1pc

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