[Guarder] External Battery Pouch[BLK]

SKU: AA#10545 (9C1A)

Factory Code: G-BP-01 / SIX-128

Brand: Guarder

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[Guarder] External Battery Pouch[BLK]

  • This pouch allows the use of a Large battery with most folding stock AEGs that are wired to the rear of the gun. This is great for those who want to keep the versatility of a compact gun without sacrificing the full capacity of a Large Battery! It has adjustable velcro straps for easy installation and if you need to remove it. The pouch can hold up to a large 9.6v sub C sized battery (9.6v 3300mah).


  • Part No.: G-BP-01 / SIX-128
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Compatibility: Any Airsoft AEG Gun Series
  • Weight: 40g*

Package Contents:

  1. Battery Pouch x 1pc

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