[Idiot Tailor] CAT Combat Application Tourniquet[Nylon][BLK]

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[IdiotTailor] CAT Combat Application Tourniquet[Nylon][BLK]

  • Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the CAT completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage.
  • The CAT tourniquet utilizes a durable windlass system with a patented free-moving internal band providing true circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop windlass retention strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation.
  • The C-A-T’s unique dual securing system avoids the use of screws and clips which can become difficult to operate under survival stress or where fine motor skills are compromised.
    Military Grade
  • Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army
  • A true 1 ½” constricting band for increased constricting pressure and patient comfort.
  • Featuring NAR's Red Tip Technology with a red elliptical tip to assist user in locating and threading during application.
  • Reinforced windlass clip & highly visible security tab includes a writeable area to record the time of application.
  • Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research.


  • Part No.: IT-SCGG0297
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 80g*
  • Material: Nylon Plastic
  • Grading: Military Grading, and not a Dummy article.

Package Contents:

  1. CAT Belt x 1set

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