[KSC] Corporation Perfect 0.20g BB [4000rds pellet]

[KSC] Corporation Perfect 0.20g BB [4000rds pellet]

SKU: AA#02323

Factory Code: BB-KSC02

Brand: KSC

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[KSC ]Corporation Perfect 0.20g BB [4000rds]

  • Top Quality Airsoft BB from KSC
  • Manufactured under high standard of quality check
  • Design for competition gaming usage
  • Suitable for all Airsoft Gun - AEG, Pistol, Rifle....etc that use 6mm BB
  • Precision weighted BB means less drift by wind & shoot straighter
  • Unlike those low quality BB where each BB weight & shaped difference, this KSC BB weighted exactly 0.20g each
  • Because of ultra accuracy standard, this KSC BB would work with all 6.03mm or higher tightbore Barrel
  • Quality of BB is important for prolonging the life of your Airsoft Gun
  • Grab this bag of BB for your next skirmish
  • 100% MADE IN TaiWan


  • Part No.: BB-KSC02
  • Qty: 4000BBs
  • Weight: 0.20g per BB
  • Shipping Weight: 810g
  • Manufactured by: KSC

Package Contents:

  1. BBs x 1bag

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