[LCT] PP-19-01 Full Metal AEG SMG[Latest Version]

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[LCT] PP-19-01 Full Metal AEG SMG[Latest Version]

  • When it comes to replicating AKs into the Airsoft form, LCT are one of the best in the business. And now they bring us the 'Russian MP5' - the PP-19-01 Vityaz, which is currently in use by Russian special forces such as FSB and other Spetznaz branches.
  • The original gun was made by Izhmash based on the rather unsuccessful PP-19 Bizon, which apparently the helical magazine Bizon uses was very unreliable, standard box magazine seems to be their fix for this issue.


  • Part No.:-LCT-AEG-PP19-01
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 3230g
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 400fps
  • Length: 700mm
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 50rds
  • Shooting Mode: Semi Auto/Full Auto
  • Hop-Up Adjustment: Yes

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc
  3. Instruction Manual x 1pc