[Madbull] 235mm Precision Barrel Threaded Set [SOCOM Gear / WE M9 / M9A1]

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[Madbull] 235mm Precision Barrel Threaded Set [SOCOM Gear / WE M9 / M9A1]

Simply drop this into your WE / SOCOM GEAR M9 / M9A1 and screw on a silencer of 120mm or greater (not included).
This steps up your inner barrel length to a 235mm precision tightbore inner barrel which will improve accuracy, range and power.

The threading on this barrel will fit 14mm CCW Silencers.

Although exact performance will vary, as a rough comparison a stock WE 1911 will clock in at about 330 fps, this barrel will push it up to at least 380 fps (at most 395 fps). This turns your M9 into a 'silenced' version with performance to nail targets at longer effective range. Broadly speaking, you can expect a 20% FPS increase when switching from a normal length barrel to this one.


  • Part No.: MP235BS-M9
  • Material: Metal
  • Compatbility: SOCOM GEAR M9, M9A1 WE, WE M9A1
  • Length: 235mm
  • Weight : 130g*

Package Contents:

  • 1) Barrel x 1set