[MadDog] Airsoft Multi Purpose Tool Set [Low Value with High Quality]

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- Comes with most sizes of hex keys, Phillips/flat head screwdrivers, and Star keys
- Multi tool is nice to have, you just have to sharpen the knife and lube the hinges.
- Pouch is small and compact. Also has belt loops to attach to your gear.

- The attachment to use the hex keys keeps slipping off the multi tool.
- The plastic that holds the key set in the pouch is thin and brittle.
- I wish it came with a dedicated attachment for the keys instead of using the multi tool.
overall 4/5, a must to have in the field in case you need a specific hex key (It happens), and it beats
lugging all those other key/screwdriver sets around.

Package Contents:

1) Tool Set x 1set