[Nitro.Vo] P90 Armored Rail System [For Tokyo Marui P90 TR / PS90 HC] [Won't Fit P90]

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[Nitro.Vo] P90 Armored Rail System for Tokyo Marui P90 TR / PS90 HC[Won't Fit P90]

  • The Nitro.Vo Armored Rail System is an armor-like design front end composed of a large number of plates, making the P90 already more modern looking than it already is.
  • The full front shape covered with plate up to the muzzle at the front.
  • Even in CQB field with many obstacles it demonstrates outstanding handling due to its compact design.
  • Removing the front centerplate, you can install a mock suppressor, slim suppressor or suppressor up to 32 mm.


  • Part No.:NT-4571443143860
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 500g*
  • Compatibility: Tokyo Marui P90 TR AEG Series
  • Material: Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Rail System x 1set