[Prometheus] 6.03 EG Inner Barrel[For G&G AEG Series][128mm]

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[Prometheus] 6.03 EG Inner Barrel[For G&G AEG Series][128mm]

The Prometheus EG Barrel 6.03mm L: 128mm for G&G AEG is a very high quality tight bore barrel crafted from stainless steel. Though expensive you know you'll be getting a long lasting barrel made to very high tolerances. Due to the strength and highly polished finish of the steel it is very resistant to scratches and dirt. Also its nearly impossible to bend this barrel by accident, in guns with front ends with movement a brass barrel or worse an aluminium barrel will bend as you bend the outer barrel of a gun. These are all facts which are often overlooked as players focus solely on price or how tight the bore is.
Speaking of tighter bore, this is a 6.03 bore which will increase the FPS of your gun. Some players use this as one of many tuning tools for a quick 5 - 10 FPS bump for there gun.


  • Part No.: PR-4571443147165
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Compatibility: KRYTAC PDW AEG Series
  • Weight: 100g

Package Contents:

  1. Inner Barrel x 1pc

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