[SHS] Hop Up Rubber Bucking [For Marui Sniper][[70 degree Hardness]

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[SHS] Hop Up Rubber Bucking [For Marui Sniper][[70° Hardness]

  • SHS Hop Up Rubber Bucking.
  • 70° Hardness rubber Made.
  • Rubber construction.
  • Diameter: 10mm, Length: 17mm.
  • The properties of the rubber are highly elastic and anti-wear.
  • Able to increase the range and FPS for your Airsoft.
  • Suitable for Tokyo Marui Sniper Airsoft Gun.


  • SHS model no. - SHS-247
  • Color - Blue
  • Weight - 4g
  • Material - Rubber

Package Contents:
1) Rubber x 1pc