[SHS] Extremely High Speed-Up Gear Set for Gearbox V2/3 [12:1]

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[SHS]Extremely High Speed-Up Gear Set for Gearbox V2/3 [12:1]

  •  Chrome molybdenum alloy steel made sector gear
  •  High strength, not easy to deform
  • CNC machining, enhanced gear to be more durable and bearing stronger spring
  • New axis design, improve gear concentricity
  • Integration of axis & gear instead of cooper shaft guide, more durable
  • Lower electricity consumption & lower noise
  • 9teeth bevel gear


  • Gear Type: 12:1 Gear Set
  • Low Noise Torque Type
  • Weight: 90g*
  • Compatibility: Any AEG Series, Except the SR-25/R85

Package Contents:

  1. Gear Set x 1set