[FREE SHIPPING][Systema] PTW Professional Training Weapon Challenge Kit TW5-A4[W/ M90 Cylinder]

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[Systema] PTW Professional Training Weapon Challenge Kit TW5-A4[W/ M90 Cylinder]

  • Systema releases this full training weapon kit of PTW5-A4, it means this kit which includes all parts need to be assembled. Full metal body without trade mark, english assembly instruction included, suitable for experienced user. If you want to try systema high quality AEG series and have confidence to assembly this kit, we recommend you get this kit and save a lot compare with buying a finished one.
  • This PTW5-A4 features a one-piece die-cut metal body that has been produced to realize an unimaginable levels of strength and durability. Like the other guns in the Systema P.T.W. range, the PTW5-A4 replicates the dimensions of the real steel equivalent; the main receiver has the same dimensions of the real one, thus parts used with the real steel, such as a scope mount, can be used with no hassles. Even with parts such as the grip frame, share the same dimensions as the real one. All this helps to make this a premier training tool of choice.
  • Like the previous M16 series, this PTW5 maintains an interval dimension, between the outer and inner barrel of only ±0.05mm; the outer barrel is produced using Systema's method of metal shaving. The inner barrel incorporates an internal diameter of 6.04mm.


  • Part No.:TW5-CK-A4
  • Colour: Black
  • Hop-Up Adjustment: Yes
  • Weight: 4700g
  • Length: 430mm
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 320fps
  • Shooting Mode: Burst Fire/Semi Auto

Package Contents:

  1. Full Kit x 1set