[Tokyo Marui] AUG AEG Magazine[330rds]

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[Tokyo Marui] AUG AEG HI-CAP Magazine[330rds]

  • A high capacity replacement of the standard magazine for the Marui AUG. Fits AUG Civilian Special and the Military version. Large thumb dial on bottom of magazine allows you to wind it up and feed 330 rounds of BBs into your AEG. Semi transparent plastic construction allows you to see how many BBs you have remaining. Made in Japan.
  • Consider opting for an additional magazine and also a dual magazine clamp to increase your skirmishing capacity. Also do not forget to stock up on BB's. For skirmishing, also consider gearing up with a thigh-mounted magazine pouch so that you can quickly reach for reloads.


  • Part No.: TM-MAG-AUG330
  • Colour: Trans. Brown
  • Weight: 250g
  • Compatibility: Tokyo Marui AEG AUG Rifle
  • Material: Plastic
  • Loading Capacity: 330rds

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc