[Tokyo Marui] 0.28g Superior 6mm BB[500rds]

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[Tokyo Marui] 0.28g Superior 6mm BB[500rds]

  • New from Marui, the "Perfect Hit" BB series are actually about 5.95mm in diameter and made with the very same process as their bearing manufacturing. This makes the BBs slim, consistent and high quality enough to be used in tightbores as low
  • At 0.28g, these BBs are best used when accuracy and follow-up shot consistency is a larger issue then absolute FPS. At this weight, the BB will travel slightly slower on the same spring then a lighter pellet but it will be less effected by cross-wind and turbulence and so it will land slightly tigher groups but more significantly will follow more consistent flight paths. This is important for bolt-action weapons which rely on the previous shots to optimally place follow up shots. as 6.01mm as suppose to other BBs which might vary enough in diameter as to cause inner barrel abrasion or jamming.


  • Part No.:BB-TMSUP-028
  • Colour: White
  • Weight of 6mm BBs: 0.28g each
  • Total bbs in a pack: 500rds
  • Total weight: 154g

Package Contents:

  1. Pack of BBs x 1pack