[Tokyo Marui] MODEL P226R Railed GBB Airsoft Gun

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[Tokyo Marui] 226R GBB Airsoft Gun
  • Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
  • Innovative Hop-Up Thumb Dial located inside the gun (can see after dissemble the slide)
  • Tokyo Marui P226 E2 is authentic replica and engraved with Full SIG Logo, Trade and E2 Marking on both slide
  • Excellent Craftmanship as always by Tokyo Marui
  • Enhanced Ergonomics Textured grip (Authentic engraving on grip & slide)
  • Strengthen Valve Knocker-Sear System
  • Manufacturer:Marui
  • ?Velocity [FPS]: 290
  • Propultion:Gas Propultion
  • Type of Fire: Single
  • Lenght: 196mm
  • Weight : 900g
  • Magazine Type:Standard Magazine
  • Magazine Cpacity:25 Rds
  • Power (Muzzle Velocity): 240fps
  • Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
  • Blow Back: Yes.
  • Material : ABS
Package Contents:
1) Packed in Bag with Header.
Pistol x 1pc
3) Magazine X 1pc
4) Instruction Manuel x 1pc