[Tokyo Marui] USP Compact GBB Pistol

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[Tokyo Marui] USP Compact GBB Pistol

  • The first USP Compact models appeared in 1994. These are scaled-down USPs, and are available in all the same cartridges as the full size version. Due to the smaller size of the frame, magazines for the Compact variant may have a handgrip extension to better accommodate the shooter's hand. Standard flat floorplates are also available for the USP Compact magazines.
  • Tokyo Marui did a very good job when it comes to replicating the looks of the USP Compact as they get all the curves, incisions and texture correct. What they cannot replicate, due to the laws in Japan, is the material of the USP. This means that the slide and frame is made out of metal while all the bits and bobs are metallic. This doesn't mean you have to worry about using Top Gas. The material of the plastic is strong enough to withstand the battering so long as you take care of your pistol.


  • Velocity [FPS]: 285
  • Propultion: Gas Propultion
  • Type of Fire: Single
  • Length: 175mm
  • Barrel Length: 140mm
  • Weight : 950g*
  • Magazine Type: Standard Magazine
  • Magazine Cpacity: 15 Rds
  • Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
  • Blow Back: Yes.
  • Material : ABS

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc
  3. Instruction Manual x 1pc