[Umarex] KWA IWI Tavor SAR / TAR-21 Airsoft GBB Rifle[BLK]

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SKU: AA#11188 Part No.: KWA-TAR-21-GBB
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[KWA] IWI Tavor TAR-21 Airsoft GBB Rifle[BLK]

  • Bullpup design Rifle
  • Flip up Front Sight & Rear Sight Laser Marking on Metal Outer Barrel
  • Full open Bolt design
  • Lock Bolt when Magazine Empty
  • Adjustable Hop Up by tools (included)
  • Realistic Real Gun Barrel Lock (Tool included )
  • Realistic Font Handguard
  • 15″ long Top Picatinny Rail
  • Grip Space for Storage
  • Quick Detach (QD) Sling Hook
  • Authorized Marking on Stock & Magazine


    • Part No.: KWA-TAR-21-GBB
    • Colour:Black
    • Material: Polymer Housing & Metal parts
    • Weight: 3713g
    • Length: 695mm
    • Inner Barrel Length: 425mm
    • Magazine Compatibility: KWA Magpul Pmag & KWA M4 Standard Gas Blowback GBB Magazine

    Package Contents:

    1. Magaizne x 1pc
    2. Gun x 1pc

    Customer Reviews

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    Fantastic Gun for the price (Please read the FULL review, Important info)

    So I want to start off by mentioning that a lot of people have negative things to say about SIXMM but I did not experience any of those issues. Making the payment though Paypal was easy and they shipped it out within 4 days.

    They're only using UPS to make sure nothing gets stuck in Customs, which is a pandemic problem, not their fault. I received my Tavor in around 10 days after I placed the order.

    Now, about the Gun. When I got it, it was in a normal box with loads of bubble wrap. I'm glad it was really well protected but I'm sad I didn't get the actual box with it. The gun did have some scuffs and a bit of rust, to which I question how long it was sitting around or if it was technically a USED product. I also did NOT receive the tool to open up the Tavor in my package even though the listing says it comes with the tool, gun and mag. I did open the stock of the Tavor thinking the tool might just be there but it wasn't. I guess I will need to find the tool somewhere else.

    The dimensions of this Tavor is different from normal Tavors in Airsoft. The KWA model is SMALLER than the Elite Force CTAR, Ares Tavor and the S&T Tavors. I've heard this one is nearly true to the RS version but in my case, it means the extra stuff I have like my MLOK RIS system will not fit as it's screw holes are too far forward. The top rail on this Tavor is made of METAL. All other Tavors I own have a polymer top rail, so this having a metal top rail makes it that much more balanced. The Safety isn't as solid as the EF CTAR but it does work well. Fire selector switch has a really satisfying click to it so you know it's on safe/semi/auto when you want it to be. Like any other GBBR, the Tavor requires that you lock back the bolt, insert the mag, and release the bolt. It's tough to do since I am left handed but it's not impossible. Just pull the release latch while the bolt is pulled back and it locks in place. The gun without the magazine is roughly 8.3lbs and with the mag, it's about 8.5lbs. Not the heaviest GBBR I've seen but it has good heft. There are no seams to be seen on the body and the material feels much thicker than other Tavors I own. The flash hider is industry standard CCW, so any flash hiders you might have for your M4s will work just fine. The flash hider on my Tavor was about hand tight with no glue, so it was easy to twist off without issue.

    As far as performance: Mine is currently firing 396FPS with .25 BBs from Elite Force. That's pretty high for most fields so finding ways to lower the FPS might be required before using it at a field. The Magazine IS really heavy like most people have talked about before. One is hefty but if you have 4 or 5 of them, it'll add up.

    Something to note that is really weird but not something I would avoid buying this for. When I opened up the package, a small piece from the gun fell out but I am not sure what it was. Nothing on the gun looks broken or anything and it works flawlessly. So I am thinking that the piece I found might be from a different gun in their shop. I contacted SIXMM about it and the missing tool, they didn't mention the tool but they did ask for a picture of the piece. I haven't found the piece but I'm sure it'll be fine if I don't find it.

    Overall, SIXMM isn't a bad shop. People who have ordered from them are likely just incredibly impatient or have not taken into consideration the true cost of importing Airsoft guns into the USA from HK. When you buy from SIXMM, be patient. They'll get around to your order and send it out when they can. If you're worried about them not having something in stock, message them and ask if they have it before you buy it. They will usually get back to you in 24 hours. It's gonna take about 2 weeks to even get your gun, so why rush when it comes to replies?

    Even after the missing tool, broken piece, no box and tons of bubble wrap, I am just happy to have a KWA Tavor. Things could have been better but I wont complain much. Hopefully this review helps anyone looking to buy from them in the future.