[Umarex/KWA] MP7 GBB Magazine[Long Ver.][SYSTEM 7][For KWA MP7A1 GBB Series][40rds]

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[Umarex/KWA] MP7 GBB Magazine[Long Ver.][SYSTEM 7][For KWA MP7A1 GBB Series][40rds]

  • Umarex MP7A1 For KWA System


  • Part No.: KWA-2279021
  • Compatibility: KWA/KSC MP7A1 Gas Blowback GBB Series
  • Capacity 40 Rounds.
  • Weight: 480g*
  • Material: Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Sharp
Reliable Delivery

Thank you for supplying and delivering what I couldn't get anywhere else. You came through with my hard to find KWA mag when other retailers refused to ship or were out of stock. Yes shipping took a long time but you came through in the end.

Randy Moreno
KWA Heckler & Koch MP7 GBB SMG Magazine

Ok folks! Here it is again, Coming atchya with another Review from SixMM , a small and quant Airsoft store from overseas, Taiwan. This Airsoft store was surprisingly a delight to deal with, being from the United States. Every one knows its a risky thing ordering our Airsoft guns, equipment and accessories from another foreign country. But to my suprise, these guys were actually very helpful and great to communicate with. They do all their communicating over "Whatsapp" .and emails. They're very prompt with their responses, ( usually a day). Now, you can get airsoft guns and ammo dirt cheap from SixMM. Whats the catch? The catch is all in the shipping. Its so unfortunate that the U.S. Airsoft stores dont, wont, cant ,....will not , carry the hard to find guns and supplies , that here in U.S. are hard to find, but plentiful in Taiwan of course. SixMM has an impressive stock supply.of all your name brand AEG's and GBB pistols and rifles. Its the shipping that gets you. How unfortunate is that?! I paid about 35 bucks for a MP7 Gas magazine , that here (U.S.) costs about $85 bucks here. Its the same for all they're prices...but what kills the deal, is the expensive shipping charges. Dam shame, but none the less, SixMM has a great staff, willing to work out any speed bumps you might encounter along the way, whether it be your order, purchase, what ever....these guys are on it!
Is SixMM a reputable place?? ABSOLUTELY!! 5 stars for these guys! Just have to be willing to suffer through the shipping charges.

J t

Ordered 2 magazines from them, 1 came leaking but I was able to fix it. Ordered 1 more and it's has been waiting to ship for 3 months, I get that things are slow but be ready to wait.

Awesome mags

Awesome mags, with trades, perfectly fit my KWA/Umarex Mp7a1, exactly the same as the factory mag. Highly recommended