[VFC] VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 Airsoft AEG Gun[BLK]

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[VFC] VR16 Fighter CQB MK2 Airsoft AEG Gun[BLK]

  • Series production of replicas VR16 respected brand Vega Force Company is characterized by the absolutely highest quality workmanship and a wide range of interesting models AR15 rifles family.
  • The design of rifle of course full metal (aluminum alloy), the addition of elements are made of steel, such as a flash suppressor, flap ejection, the guide ring flask, or manipulators. On the body placed striking markings MOD VR16. Made of reinforced polymer pistol grip with non-slip, rough texture and an adjustable, telescoping flask.
  • On the subject of the flask should lean on longer because the replicas Avalon uses a proprietary, patented VFC flask QRS (Quick Response System). Flask QRS has space for battery, hooks for sling, comfortable shoe and a short RIS rail 22mm. To get inside the flask for connecting the battery does not need any tools. The flask made of high quality, strong polymer, it also has a new type of lever length.
  • Access to the hop-up chamber is obtained after reloading charging handle, also enjoys working bolt-catch.
  • Replica is equipped with a dorsal mounting rail 22mm RIS and modular RIS handguard. Thanks to them we are able to supply rifle in a whole range of accessories, ranging from optics, the tricks and tactical lights, laser pointers until the end.
  • Heart and a key element in all replicas VR16 is perfectly snug and meticulously designed gearbox ECS! Features gearbox ECS:
  • - Timber ECS
  • - Reinforced piston with special materials with aluminum head CNC
  • - Very light cylinder
  • - Steel, Ball bearing spring guide ECS
  • - 8mm ball bearings Ultra High Speed
  • - A set of steel gears High Speed
  • - Aluminum nozzle CNC
  • - Reinforced tappet plate
  • - Contact heat resistant
  • - Quick change system springs
  • The whole drives the motor High Speed.


  • Power (Muzzle Velocity) [FPS]: 380
  • Propultion: Electric Propultion
  • Gear Box Version: Version 2
  • Type of Fire: Single, Auto
  • Length: 715MM/783mm
  • Barrel Length: ~363mm
  • Weight : 2410g
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 7.4V 1200mAh
  • Magazine Type: Hi-Cap Magazine
  • Magazine Cpacity: 120 Rds
  • Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
  • Blow Back: No.
  • Material : Metal

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