[W&S] Full Travel Steel AK Bolt Carrier Set[For GHK AK GBB Series]

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[W&S] Full Travel Steel AK Bolt Carrier Set[For GHK AK GBB Series]

  • W&S AIRSOFT are now pleased to announce the 2018 latest products the GHK AK GBB Steel bolt upgrade kit and complete sets.
  • After one year of our GHK AK bolt full travel kit introduced. The kit will divide into 2 types. One is for the ultimate and realistic played pursuing for a long team the complete steel bolt kit for GHK AK GBB.
  • It features the most realistic design for 2 piece wire rod and the gas piston‚Äôs length is same like the real AK type, as for the bolt unlike the previous 2 piece bolt design is now intergraded into one piece design, no more wobbling issue after shooting and of course it works in full distance like the previous kit.
  • All the design is drop-in kit oriented, user can install it with 10~15mins.
  • Complete Kit is included of the steel bolt, steel hammer, gas piston, and the recoil spring.¬† As for the anther type is for the ordinary type of GHK AK bolt, user can just switch the bolt to the durable and elegant steel bolt also keeps their previous investment of other accessories and also can enjoy the heavier recoil kicking features.
  • One piece design, no more wobbling issue after shooting.
  • it works great in full Distance Travel Bolt.


  • Part No.:¬†WS00020
  • Colour: Black and Silver
  • Material: Steel
  • Compatiblity: GHK AKS47U, AKM, AK74 Gas Blowback/GBB Series (ALL Of those AK GBB Series from GHK)(
  • Weight: 650g*

Package Contents:

  1. Steel Bolt Carrier x 1pc
  2. Recoil Spring and Spring Guide x 1set
  3. Hammer x 1pc
  4. Cocking Handle x 1pc
  5. Bolt Extension x 1pc

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