[WE-Tech] Browning 20 Rounds Magazine [BLK]

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SKU: AA#02395 Part No.: MG-B003 / MAGAZINE1307
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[WE-Tech] Browning 20 Rounds Magazine [BLK]


  • Part No.: MG-B003 / MAGAZINE1307
  • The WE-Tech Browning 20 Rounds Magazine [BLK] is perfect for WE-Tech Browning GBB Series Airsoft pistols. This magazine holds up to 20 rounds of 6mm BBs, helping you stay in the game for longer. Engineered using robust materials, this magazine ensures reliable performance round after round.


  • Suitable For WE Browning Series
  • Capacity : 20 Rounds
  • Weight: 255.00g

Package Contents:

  1. Magazine x 1pc