[WE-Tech] Full Metal PDW Open Bolt GBB Rifle[Long Barrel][2mag][BLK]

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SKU: AA#02867 Part No.: WE-R-P003M2-BKL / GUNT0785
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[WE-Tech] Full Metal PDW Open Bolt GBB Rifle[Long Barrel][2mag][BLK]


  • 100% CNC Aluminum Alloy Upper receiver
  • Adjustable Hop Up System
  • Folding stock
  • Dimpled Outer Barrel
  • Open Bolt System
  • 1x Standard WE M4 Style 30rds magazine
  • 1x WE PDW 34rds magazine
  • Flip-Up Front and Rear Sights

  • Part No: WE-R-P003M2-BKL / GUNT0785
  • Velocity [FPS]: 300fps
  • Propultion: Gas Propultion
  • Gear Box Version: Special
  • Type of Fire: Single, Auto
  • Length: 330mm/629mm
  • Barrel Length: ~290mm
  • Weight : 3200g
  • Magazine Type: Low-Cap Magazine
  • Magazine Cpacity: 15 Rds
  • Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
  • Blow Back: Yes
  • Material : Plastic for Lower, Metal Upper and parts
Package Contents:
  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. M4 Magazine x 1pc
  3. PDW Magazine x 1pc

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Islam Hussein
3 star for a reason

- Shopping here is very easy and user friendly .. alot of products that are kinda hard to find is available here at SIXmm
- Communicating through whatsapp is amazing, the team response back immediately and updates you back when needed

Not So Good
- i still havent receive my order its been 2 months .. i ordered online from norway and got the package within 2 weeks and that was on 2020 on the pandemic time, i wish that i can get the package in less than a month on my next order
- i cant comment on the product because i still haven't receive it