[WE-Tech] M4/M16 Airsoft GBB Double Magazine[80rds]

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Factory Code: WE-M4-DB-MAG

Brand: WE-Tech

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[WE-Tech] M4/M16 Airsoft GBB Double Magazine[80rds]

  • WE Tech Government Issued Style M4 open bolt version Gas Blowback magazine
  • Metal magazine case
  • Enlarged gas tank ability to carry larger amount of gas
  • High capacity 80round bb
  • Imitation .223 bullet also function as mag cover


  • Part No.:WE-M4-DB-MAG
  • Color: Matt black
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 746g
  • Gas Type: Gas Green Gas, WE Tech 2X , 3X , Propane
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 80 rds
  • Compatibility: WE-Tech M4 Series, WE-Tech R5, WE-Tech MSK, PDW, SCAR, PLR16, L85 GBB Series

Package Contents:

  1. GBB Magazine x 1pc

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