[WE-Tech] Pistol Grip Cover for P08 Serice GBB [Wood Pattern]

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[WE-Tech] Pistol Grip Cover for P08 Serice GBB [Wood Pattern]


  • Part No.:WE0544
  • It's the Wood Pattern ABS Plastic Cover which look like realistic when compare with the genuine Wood cover.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 30g*
  • Colour: Brown
  • Compatibility: WE-Tech Lugar P08 Gas Blowback GBB Pistol

Package Contents:

  1. Grip Cover x 2pcs

Customer Reviews

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Nikos Kolomvos
Better than expected!

Adapting a 3rd party grip (usually made of wood, and intended for the real steel Luger P08) to WE's p08 has always been a cumbersome task, as it usually requires a lot of modding and adaptation. Therefore, the easy way for someone looking for a wood-colour grip for their p08 has always been buying this, WE's own plastic, brown-coloured set of grips.
Unfortunately, earlier samples I had seen were just that: shiny, light brown - coloured pieces of plastic. But I was too lazy to go for the wood grips and all the hassle they entailed, so I decided to buy these from SIXmm.
To my surprise, the grips turned out to be noticeably improved than I remembered. Not only are they a tad darker shade of brown than earlier ones I 've seen (although they *do* need to be quite a bit darker, to be more realistic) and quite a bit less shiny and plasticky, but they also sport a (rather faint, admittedly) mottled pattern of dark spots, that makes them look a bit more like original wood ones - at least from a distance.
This is far from being perfect (should have been considerably darker, even less shiny and the simulated wood grain more pronounced), but for the price I would say it is rather nice (hence the 4 stars - with the price out of the equation, I would probably rate this with 3, perhaps even less).
But for the... lazy WE p08 owner, who wants something different and is not willing to invest much in terms of both money and effort, these are ok!
BTW, got them at around $11 (at a time when sixmm was running a 10% discount), so even with shipping expenses and import taxes (for my country), they still turned out cheaper than any other price I could find for them, so an overall good buy (the above reservations notwithstanding, of course).