[WE-Tech] All Purpose Silicone Oil Spray[For Airsoft Guns]

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[WE-Tech] All Purpose Silicone Oil Spray[For Airsoft Guns]

  • A must have item if you wish to engage in any type of projectile shooting sport. Properly lubricate your Airsoft guns will resolve 90% of the problems experienced on an Airsoft gas GBB. This statement is also true for Airsoft AEG, Snipers, propane adapters, Tornado grenades and magazines.
  • Most Airsoft / Real fire-arm malfunction situations are caused by frictions caused by "dried up internals" and "excess build up of dust and powders", in which proper lubrication will resolve. It is the reason professional shooters will always keep their weapons well lubricated for maximum performance.


  • Part No.: WE-Oil Spray
  • Weight: 250g*
  • Compatibility: All Airsoft Guns

Package Contents:

  1. Spray Bottle x 1pc