[WE-Tech] HI POWER Browning Mark 3 GBB pistol[BLK]

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[WE-Tech] HI POWER Browning Mark 3 GBB pistol[BLK]

  • This is something that sets the Browning Hi Power apart. Like it's big brother, the 1911 pistol (also designed by John Moses Browning) the Hi Power has been used for over three-quarters of a century in real world conditions.
  • it has done it with an exceptional record of success.
  • As the original high capacity 9mm pistol, the Browning Hi Power set the standard for all others.


  • Part No.:WE-B003 / GUNT0914
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 1100g*
  • Compatibility: WE-Tech Browning Magazine
  • Loading Capacity: 25rds
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 320fps
  • Material: Metal with Plastic Grip

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc