[WE-Tech] Thompson M1A1 Airsoft GBB Rifle[Cybergun Licensed]

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[WE-Tech] Thompson M1A1 Airsoft GBB Rifle[Cybergun Licensed]

  • The Thompson is an American submachine gun, invented by John T. Thompson in 1919, that became infamous during the Prohibition era. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals.The Thompson was also known informally as: the "TSMG", the "Tommy Gun", the "Trench Broom", the "Trench Sweeper", the "Chicago Piano", the "Chicago Typewriter", and the "Chopper". 
  • Production of the M1/M1A1 during World War II was accomplished by Auto-Ordnance Corporation and Savage Arms Company, who produced 847,991 and 539,143 copies of the weapon respectively. The Thompson was a reliable and well-respected weapon, with its major drawbacks being its significant weight and limited range. 


  • Cybergun Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Electric Submachine Gun 
  • 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Gas BlowBack GBB Airsoft Rifle Which has producted by WE-Tech Taiwan
  • Thompson Trademark & trade dress are used under license of Saeilo Enterprises Inc. and its worldwide licensee Cybergun 
  • Full Metal Constructed 
  • Wood Texture Nylon Fiber Stock, Grip & Handguard 
  • Full metal Hi-cap Magazine accommodate 50 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Bullet 
  • Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode 


  • Part No.:WE-CG-M1A1
  • Propultion: Gas Propultion
  • Material: Polymer, Metal
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
  • Hop-Up Adjustment: Yes
  • Length: 810 mm
  • Barrel Length: 270 mm
  • Power Source: Top Gas or Green Gas
  • Blowback: Yes
  • Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: -14mm Counter Clockwise
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 50Rds

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc

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