[XCortech] X3300W Advanced BB Control Sys Shooting Chronoscope[BLK]

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[XCortech] X3300W Advanced BB Control Sys Shooting Chronoscope[BLK]

  • Standard Airsoft 14mm(-) negative threaded tracer
  • Made from high quality aluminum
  • High efficiency circuit
  • Digital display with brightness controls
  • Power saving / standby / and auto power off modes available
  • Measures muzzle velocity (FPS/MPS)
  • Measures ROF (RPM)
  • Programmable BB counter to count down or count up
  • Low ammo warning
  • Battery indicator for real time monitoring of battery level
  • Low battery warning
  • Programmable burst unit (2-10 burst / full auto)
  • Mounts onto standard 20mm / Picatinny / Weaver rails
  • SCU 8 channel memory
  • Devices communicate via wireless signal

Command Box:

  • 5 main modes:
  • ROF (Rate of Fire)
  • SPD (Muzzle Velocity in FPM or MPS)
  • DN (count the BB shoot until 0)
  • UP (count the BB shoot from 0)
  • ST (Setting for different band, unit display and burst mode)

Tracer Unit:

  • Powered by 4 pcs of AAA Batteries.
  • 14mm CCW Thread.
  • Work as BB Tracer and detector of Command box.
  • Suitable for both AEG and GBB alone or with Command box.
  • Power: Tracer (AAA battery x 4), PEQ Control Box (AA battery x 2)
  • Weight: Tracer (140g), PEQ Control Box (70g)
  • Dimensions: Tracer (156mm x 37mm), PEQ Control Box (110mm x 70mm x 31mm)
  • Weight: 520g

ECU Set:

  • Powered by the main battery of AEG (small plug)
  • Able to switching from Full auto mode to Burst mode (up to 10 rounds and controlled by command box)
  • Only use on AEG only.


  • Power Source: AAA Batteries
  • Picatinny Rail: 20mm
  • Screw Thread: -14mm Counter Clockwise
  • Material: Plastic and Aluminium
  • Compatiblity to AEG or GBB
  • Colour: Black

Package Contents:

  1. PEQ type Command Box
  2. BB Tracer Unit
  3. Burst ECU set