[Z-Parts] Steel & Aluminum Complete VLTOR Bolt [For VIPER M4 GBBR]

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SKU: AA#12182 Part No.: VIPER-M4-006
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[Z-Parts] Steel & Aluminum Complete VLTOR Bolt For VIPER M4 GBBR
  • Steel & Aluminum construction
  • Replace original part
  • Full CNC machining
  • Comes with VLTOR marking
  • Comes with steel bolt carrier
  • Comes with aluminum nozzle set
  • Comes with steel nozzle guide
  • Suitable for VIPER M4, SR15 & SR16 GBB Rifle


  • Part No.: VIPER-M4-006
  • Colour:  Grey 
  • Compatibility: WA M4 Gas Blowback GBB Series
  • Weight: 350g* 
  • Material: Steel 

Package Contents:

  1.  Steel bolt carrier x1pc 
  2.  Aluminum nozzle set x1pc 
  3.  Disassemble heavier mass x1pc 
  4.  Steel Nozzle Guide x1pc