[Z.tactical] Sordin Headset W/0 PTT [OD]

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[Z.tactical] [Item No.: Z111] Sordin Headset W/0 PTT [OD]
The replica-type headset SORDIN, intended for use with most common radio station intruder-nadawyczych. Equipped with a durable rubber covered cable terminated military type connector and the microphone positioned on a flexible arm, as well as the control interface on the left earpiece. Kit comes with a soft, Velcro pouch in woodland camouflage headband on.

-Low profile design allow wearing under helmet or headwear.
-Amplifier for the surrounding sound, operated by 2x AA batteries with waterproof battery cap.
-Adjustable volume control.
-Adjustable size for comfort wearing.
-New design ear cup provide clear voice and comfortable support.
-Boom mic with movable arm.
-Perfect for outdoor war game activities.
-Weight - 450g
-Self-Voice Deduction.

Package Contents:
-Color - Olive drab
. MSA Headset x 1pc
. Instruction Manual