[Z.tactical] Bowman Elite II Headset[DE]

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[Z.tactical][Z027T]Bowman Elite II Headset[DE]

  • Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Headset 
  • Tactical Replica Headset widely used by NATO & military special forces 
  • Designed for active combat and high noise applications 
  • Allow headset to be worn under electronic protection or ear defenders, such as Sordin Supreme Pro 
  • Vented Type Ear Pad enable peripheral hearing or Talk-Through audio from electronic hearing protection 
  • Offer a low-profile and vented ear-cup and a flexible microphone boom which is mounted low 
  • Three adjustable suspension straps allow for a comfortable fit and stability 


  • Compatibility: Any PTT with Z.tactical Brand
  • Colour: DE
  • Weight: 100g
  • Material: ABS

Package Contents:

  1. Headset x 1set